Eat Food, Day 4

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Last night's debauch left me hungover this morning but my usual cure of a turmeric genki drink is out of bounds. I had to suffer on liquids and time to fix me up. Coffee and muesli didn't make a dent in it.

Lunch made me feel right. I met Yuka and we had soba. Hot salty broth, buckwheat noodles and lots of mushrooms gave my body what it needed, I guess, because after lunch I walked up to Kanda and met Tod, Ashley and Mason, who had just finished a sushi lunch. Sushi is about as Food as you can get and they were all very happy to have feasted.

Back at home, I finished the ningyo-yaki (seet bean filled cakes) that I picked up at Asakusa yesterday, and ha them with bitter green tea. It was a nice pick me up.

But by dinnertime, I was feeling beat. Late night drinking not gives me an achy head, it screws up my sleep. So instead of cooking dinner at home and eating healthy steamed veg and grains, we had dinner at Ampresso, our favorite little local Italian place. We did ok for ourselves, ordering the fresh vegetable salad with homemade dressing, garlic crumb-stuffed shiitake mushrooms, a pizza topped with basil and anchovies, and some pasta with Ito-san's incredible fried tomato cream sauce. Decadent!

So I think today was mostly Food. Tomorrow I will cook for myself and be absolutely certain.

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This morning & afternoon:

sugar snap peas (they made my lips itchy)
wheat crackers with natural peanut butter
dried fruit

For tonight:
make your own mini 'za - basil, tomatoes, feta, fresh mushrooms (!)

Eating Food in the US gets harder and harder. It's good to be aware of what goes into your body, and what's lurking on the shelves of the supermarket.

Helen was checking out some "healthy" oatmeal and I asked her to count the ingredients. There were over 20. I think oatmeal should be just ONE ingredient. Oatmeal.

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