Eat Food, Day 7

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Today we are went to Hiratsuka for a picnic with Mj & her family. Unfortunately we hadn't exactly planned ahead as a group and when I woke to see Tracey's 1 am message "what time do you plan to go?" I figured we'd be having a dinner picnic rather than a lunch one. I wasn't wrong. Seemed like everything conspired to delay us.

I was ready to leave by noon and get to Hiratsuka by 2, but Tod needed more coffee and waking time. So we left at 1 to arrive at 3. But there was an accident on the Tokaido Line and our train didn't depart Tokyo until almost 2. So we got there around 3:30.

So because of the delays and unplanning, our food day was a little wonky.

At 10 am, there was coffee and a terrific little seeded raisin bread from an artisinal bakery Tod found. When we didn't leave at noon, I dished up some of the farro salad for us and served orange juice. But on the train we were getting pretty hungry so we bought beer and cashews.

Around 5 pm, everyone arrived and we laid out our picnic, not at the beach or along the river, but in MJ's lounge room. Ashley made falafel, hummus and tabouleh; we brought farro, brownies, castagnaccio and a tomato salad. It was an incredible feast of 100% Food!

There was so much on the table that we didn't even get to MJ's yummy-sounding baguette sandwiches. There were lots of leftovers so she won't have to cook a meal or two this week.

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It was all yummy!!

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