Eat Food, Day 9

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After a scanty breakfast of coffee, 12 almonds and a glass of orange juice, I went for a walk in the sun.

For lunch, I met Tod at Nezu no Ya, a macrobiotic restaurant we have been meaning to try for a while. The lunch set was delicious: tofu sauteed with bean sprouts, brown rice, miso soup with red seaweed, kimpira (grated burdock and carrot salad), and three kinds of pickles.

For dinner I made whole wheat pizza dough and fresh basil pesto then put together a couple of pizzas. We had thought to grill them along with some vegetables, but Tod was stuck at work until 8:30, so we abandoned the grill and cooked our pizzas in the oven and had a salad on the side.

I used the last of the pizza dough to make a sort of pesto-anchovy-olive stromboli. We baked it off and sampled it to ensure it was done, then saved it for breakfast (and lunch) tomorrow.

I spent some time today reading labels at the supermarket for fun. Kewpie mayonnaise is very nearly Food, but it has coloring in it. There are some good Belgian cookies which are probably Food - no weird chemicals, ingredients I wouldn't have at home, or health claims on the labels, but more than 5 ingredients. Any homemade cookie recipe is going to have more than 5 ingredients (flour, sugar, salt, leavening, shortening, egg, flavoring), so maybe that is forgivable. There is a brand of potato chips that is "all natural" and only contains potatoes, oil and salt. Not healthy, but Food.

Tomorrow is the last day of the ten day challenge.

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