The Elusive James


James and Jo

Last night, Jo & I paid a visit to her brother, James, on his jobsite. He is installing glass panelled railings at an upscale Rundle Mall property and told us we could drop by. So after dinner, we took a walk up through town and did just that.

When we got to the place, we peeked in and saw two blokes working, but they weren't James. He was hidden high up on some scaffolding, but his mates waved at us rather cheekily and the guard opened up the gate and let us in with a wink (also cheekily, goodness knows what he thought we were up to).

So now I have met James and he is no longer elusive. In fact, we all had lunch together today and did a bit of post-lunch shopping, made tentative plans for a TV night to introduce me to all the Australian shows I ought to know, and we have firm plans for a family party on Sunday. I like knowing my friends' siblings and am glad to have James counted among the ones I know.


I like James - he is a great guy. Quiet sometimes and doesn't like to talk about himself much, but I found that as I was really not wanting anything other than to be friendly, we got on well. I think that people are always wanting something from him so he is quite cautious and protective of his time and energy. As my motives were not suspicious, he could see that and was friendly in return to my friendly advances.
Underneath it though, he is a Thredgold and has all the generous traits that his siblings have.

I wish I knew my sibling's friends. They seem really nice. Maybe someday. I hope.

James sounds like a cool cat. And I really like the neon smoke rings going up up up in the photo here.

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