36 Necklaces (for Free!)


Waiting to go on Etsy

I am falling far behind in the 365 Necklaces project. If I had followed my one-a-day plan faithfully from March 18th, I should have amassed over 150 necklaces by now. But as of today, I am up to 83.

I will blame the inconvenience of putting things up on Etsy. I love my Etsy shop, don't get me wrong, but it is very easy to procrastinate the product photography, descriptions, pricing, tagging, and the rest. The necklaces pile up and seem impossible to get online.

So I am going to bypass Etsy to try to increase the tally more quickly. Free necklace to the first 36 people who comment. You can even choose your message or mathematical constant and your preferred color (though what you get depends upon what beads I have in stock). In your comment, please include:

1. Message or Mathematical Constant (no more than 10 characters, please)
2. Desired color
3. E-mail (so I can get your physical mail address)

Everyone welcome, so come out of the wordwork lurkers and RSS readers. No strings attached (except for the cord on the necklace) but I've been socking away the profit from my Etsy sales for charity. If you'd like to donate, please feel free to pass me some money via PayPal that I will add to my kitty, or you can donate directly to a charity you care about.


1. Lambda, a la the lambda calculus. Probably need unicode for this.
2. Shades of blue and green.
3. zfcdxx@gmail.com where xx stands for 21.

I love the loop styles a la http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12509038
, but of course i leave my lot to the whimsy and generosity of the craftsperson.

I've been loving and lurking this blog for the last year, thanks for many fun and interesting posts!

1. N Loves M
2. Red, silver or black
3. (in the optional field above!)

You are so generous! I love your necklaces!

1. Alnedra
2. Royal purple or amethyst or lavender
3. Is in the optional field (^_^)

Wahey! Thank you so much!

Hello from Virginia!
1. No, I think all your necklaces are beautiful
2. i love the colour blue, and I also love the loopety style (like this one http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12509073), and I also love your blog. :)


A friend told me about your necklace give-away and I couldn't resist. Your necklaces are so cool!

1. 42
2. pink or red or hum... black.
3. is in the comment info. :)


I've been reading your blog for years... love it. I used to live in Japan, so:

1. [surprise me]
2. green/blue
3. see above in email column

Thank you so muc!!!

I would love to see you craft the imaginary.

1. i aka sqrt(-1) or i^2 = -1 ... pick your favourite way to represent it (asking for 0 = 1 + e^(-pi*i) might be a bit too much but certainly my favourite!)
2. shades of red would be great
3. thank you so much!

How lucky I just got back from holiday to spot this!

1- love your site, creative and intelligent!
2- my favorite one is the multicolored "webmaster" in ascii, is "multi" a color?
3- in the comment field ;)

I wish I had the time to look into making my own creations. I've toyed with the idea of jewelry making.

1. E=mc^2
2. Any
3. In the comment section :)

I love your creative feeing
indigo blue, green,orange
I already wrote.

Is it OK?

1. k = 1.38x10^-23 (boltzmann constant)
2. brown/red
3. included in the comment field

I found your site searching for blog entries on Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian; great photos and content! Looking forward to reading more. :)

Thank you in advance! Good luck on the project.

Hi Kristen,

Why don't you talk to Deanne (hooplovers) about listing them on TokyoMade. http://tokyomade.com/

An alternative to Etsy and helping out our friend's business and reaching a new audience.

1) BLT or something else if you have a better idea
2) Whatever you think will go well with an UltraGirl (bracelet would be even better than necklace)
3) thinking you know it.

Hmm, i think i already have my fair share....

1. finnviolet
2. i really like orange lately but anything really!
3. in the comment field

we have swapped on swap-bot before - you've sent me a handmade blank notebook and i've sent you a mediatinker stamp.
thanks, and i enjoy reading your blog.

1. i love nicolas
2. blue, green, orange
3. in the comment field

i would like to thank you for your blog. i enjoy reading it very much. cheers de.

oh wow, how totally exciting!
my wish:
1. wintry mix
2. shades of white, grey, light blue, but really whatever the words inspire you to choose.
3. in the email address field!

thank you so much.


good idea and good luck for your project

1. niels & samuel
2. green
3. email in the email box above


1. not very original, but I like pi. Especially blueberry pi.
2. underwatery blues & greens & whites
3. in the comment field

I use your morsbag instructions for newbies in my pod. Very helpful. I think I might try making one of your skirts -- Heaven knows I have enough fabric.

Hello, I found u from swap-bot,you were my partner for 080808 postcard swap!Your blog is awesome...I think 080808 really brings me luck!

1. Lucky
2. Green/Red
3. email above

1. i'm sure you can be plenty creative...
2. anything goes
3. romiicyy at gmail dot com

Giveaway! Yay! I wear my green leaf "ha ha ha" necklace all the time. People compliment it and I say "Yep, it's cool isn't it? My sister made it."

I'd love one, but what about shipping? (I don't have PayPal). Once past that:

1. Rebecca
2. black/silver/white or purple/green/blue
3. above, as the others

Great idea!

1. Anything with the number 5
2. Red
3. Above

Good Luck, hope to hear from you soon!

Hope I'm not too late - I love your necklaces and I'd really like to give one to my younger sister for her birthday.

1. your choice for someone who prefers animals to people, is very quiet (but very witty)
2. your choice

Many thanks

Never commented before but I really enjoy your blog for the glimpses of life in Japan. My grandparents emigrated from Japan to Hawaii in the early 1900's, so (if I'm not too late)I'd choose their family name for a necklace.

1. Kurahara
2. Browns/copper/red
3. Heidi at DavidLSkinner.com

I love the concept behind the necklaces! Thanks.

1. Thinking of Africa (mourning what has happened to my home, Zimbabwe)
2. earthy colours
3. given above

p.s. came across your website while searching for a thai fishermans pants pattern on the web - your thoughts, videos, tuts, recipes etc keep me occupied for hours. I'm enjoying learning about life in Japan through your blog. Thanks for the opportunity to join in on your creative necklace journey :)

1. Saharra
2. spicy and funky
3. as above

1. Alpha Kappa Alpha or A. K. A.
2. Pink and Green
3. in the comment field

These are awesome!!!!

Is it too late to take you up on this offer? If not, I would love to have one of these for my daughter to encourage her in AP Computer Science this year. :) I will make a local donation on your behalf, if that is OK with you.
Thanks! You have a wonderful blog!

1. Worthy
2. Blues (or your choice)
3. in the optional field above

i think i counted less than 36 comments so far...? i enjoy your blog, looking at your necklaces, and your readings on librivox! it's all very inspiring and i hope to be as prolific as you some day (when grad school is over...and real life begins...)

2. green and anything that complements it
3. echobase77@gmail.com

what charity are you saving for?

I found you through google, and just had to stop and let you know that I think your necklaces are just gorgeous!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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