Premium grapes

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News is making the rounds about the bunch of Ruby Roman grapes sold at auction for $910. Many stories quote the price, but fail to explain why they fetched that amount.

It's really nothing to do with the quality of the grapes, though I am sure they are wonderful. It is partially to do with the novelty of them - Ruby Roman grapes are a brand new variety that has been under development for the past 14 years. But mainly the selling price of the grapes goes to two factors: promotion and marketing.

The man who purchased the grapes is an upscale hotelier whose property, Kagaya in Ishakawa, charges up to $800 per person per night and is located nearby the grape growers. He paid a lot for the privilege of promoting the local product and wishing the growers luck and success, but in exchange, he made headlines and the evening news (and a few blogs, too)

$910 might be a lot for a bunch of grapes, but it is darn cheap nationwide (and international) advertising.

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Made NPR too.

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