See Tink Topple


Hooping in costume. Photo by StinaSparkle.

There are some things I really love about hooping: my new hooping friends, the challenges of improvement, the physics of moving with or against the hoop, and flow of hoop dance. And you can't beat the exercise benefits.

Another thing I like is the excuse to make and wear costumes frequently. Yesterday I attended a outdoor hoop party wearing flowery bloomers and matching flared pants, my favorite multicolor fur collar, a headpiece shaped like goggles, and an LED pendant that I programmed to read "SEE TINK HOOP." Deanne said I looked ready to attend Burning Man. I am pretty sure that was a compliment.

Deanne fire hooping. Photo by StinaSparkle.

The thing I don't like about hooping is when I injure myself. I did a good job of that at the party last night.

After the sun set, Deanne brought out her fire hoop. The fire hoop has kerosene tipped spokes protuding from it and looks beautiful moving in the darkness. I was keen to have a try though some of the other hoopers were afraid they would catch themselves on fire. They may have had something there.

It was amazing to hoop in the fire hoop - the scent of the fuel is heady and the sound of the fire whirling around is a like synthesized rush of wind. And then there is the brilliant golden light. I couldn't see anything beyond the flames. It is very focused and intense - just me, a moving circle of fire, and the occasional cheer from an onlooker.

I stood in the center of the flames and held the hoop at waist level before lifting it over my head and back down to my hips. I spun it on my waist, shimmied it up to my shoulders and then pulled it off it over my head and started a slow lasso turn. It was at that point that I slipped on the river gravel underfoot. I didn't see the large rock that I tripped on, but I sure did feel it when I landed on it. I ended up with scraped and bruised knees, feet and a swollen hand, but fortunately I managed not to singe myself at all.

I don't know if anyone captured my tumble on film or video, but if they did, I'd like to see it. Next time I fire hoop (and there certainly will be a next time) I will be more aware of my footing.


You look totally adorable in that photo.

I was adorable at that moment, but my true inner child came out later. Wait til you see my scabby knees from toppling over with the fire hoop. Just like when I was 3.

I woke up this morning thinking, "Oh no, I made the green party dress above knee length! My knees will show!!" I wonder if I should add a contrasting border along the bottom to lengthen it a bit.

Ouchies! Falling on river rocks is not a good thing at all. Im glad you didnt end up hitting your head!

I hope your boo-boos are healing. Cute outfit!

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