No Shopping, report #2

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In general, I can say that it is becoming more and more simple to ignore all the stuff in stores when I am out and about. I am still drawn to bright colors and pretty textures, but it is sort of like looking at flowers in a public garden. I don't want to pick one.

I've passed up all the Winter Bargain sales without any trouble and even got annoyed at the eye-catching ads for them on trains. At the Australia Day ball, we only bid on service items - no goods at all. I wore an old dress and accessories to the Ball and the same nondescript black high heels I have been wearing for years. It wasn't really a sacrifice at all.

There was one moment a few weeks back, walking with Jim in Akasaka when I saw a stationery shop and was a bit sad I couldn't go in and buy stuff. Moments later I saw a cute dress that left me feeling regretful that I couldn't buy it. I laughed, commented on my emotion, and the desire to shop evaporated.

But there is one big Fail this month. I blame it on a late Christmas present - a new serger/overlocker. It arrived four days ago and I have been on a spend-fest to get appropriate thread (sergers use up to 5 cones of special thread at a time, so I now own 20 spools in various useful colors) and a range of fabrics to test the new machine. I splashed out on some knits that I didn't have in my stash because I never would have considered sewing on my conventional machine. Fuchsia ruffled tricot panties anyone?

The culprit

Aside from my fervor with the serger, I have noticed that my desire to craft has decreased. Maybe I am concerned about using up all my supplies; maybe I just don't want to make more things that will accumulate. I am not sure, but I don't read crafting blogs so often anymore. I used to read them daily.

Fabric wasn't my only purchase in the last month. I also bought some music to use in hoop classes that I am teaching. As I wrote in my journal, "Does this set a precedent that it is OK to buy music? In general, or for justified cases? Does this purchase mean other supplies are fair game?"

I want to use the supplies I have and not buy anything more, which is tricky because patching together odds and ends and random supplies I have on hand is sometimes more challenging that I wish. Buying something purpose made (whether is it a completed product or a particular part) is so much easier than thinking creatively. Maybe a stronger, more robust creativity is part of the essence I want to find in this No Shopping year.

1/1 - hoop tape to finish the 160psi hoops
1/1 - keitai battery to replace my dying one.
1/1 - serger (a promised Xmas present, arrived 2/5)
1/1 - archival photo boxes
1/20 - a few more sports/hoop outfits for teaching
1/20 - "indoor shoes" for gym wear
1/28 - Fashion Design Idea Notes (oops, I already had it!)
1/29 - photo album (or two)
2/9 - 4-way stretch cotton fabric for unspecified hooping outfits
2/9 - Burda World of Fashion 11/2007 issue (yoga pants pattern)
2/9 - patterns for sportswear
2/9 - sewing books on overlock/serging

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Was the music physical media (like a CD) or electronic (for an MP3 player)? If the latter, is it actually a "goods" or a "service"? Although there is a physical impact (servers, transmitters, players) for electronically delivered music, at least the impact is less than records, tapes, or CDs.

Interesting your lessening interest in crafts. Here in America, the recession has caused an increased interest in making it or fixing it yourself...also in people crafting as a home (Etsy) business to supplement income.

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