Trick Acquisition Mode


During the grey, cold phase of winter, I suffered long weeks of uninspired hooping and general lassitude. But February always brings blue skies and pink plum flowers to Tokyo and the days grow noticeably longer. Sunny afternoons, even chilly ones, fire my enthusiasm for living life fully.

But "living life fully" focusses on almost entirely hooping at the moment, as I am slated to do a performance and workshop with Mandi and Stina in early March. I rehearse our routine and refine my solo in the hope of avoiding embarrassment. I don't want to be the worst dancer in our trio, which could easily be the case!

So I've had my hoops out and about almost every day for the last two weeks. From the hours of exercise I get, I can feel my muscles unlock, my strength return and my energy increase. As a result of daily practice, I've entered trick acquisition mode. Have a look at all the new tricks I've gotten in the last couple of days:

That last one - the twin arm/elbow thing - has been eluding me for months. It just clicked today and I was so excited that I jumped around and squealed, frightening the other children in the park.

In addition to what's in the video, I am on the verge of vertical chest hooping - sometimes I can get it, but usually not. Maybe tomorrow it will fall into place. I wouldn't be surprised. I will keep my video camera handy, just in case.


Nice. I like that last one.

Great! Cool!
Isn't it sowing yet?

Groovy. I like the last one a lot.

too cool for school

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