Men vs Women: Party Planning Edition

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The difference between planning a bachelor party and a hen's night is enormous, I've discovered.

The boys decided to go classic and will take Ashley to a dodgy strip club and out for drinks. So last week, two of them did a reconnaissance mission (that lasted until 3 am) and then made a couple of phone calls to their mates by way of invitations. Done and dusted!

Girls need more than passive entertainment to have a memorable night. My hen's night party plan is threefold - first a dance lesson, then dinner (both of which are open to the gentlemen), and finally costumed karaoke.

I know I tend towards too much preparation and I honestly tried to keep this to a minimum. Despite that, I have a spreadsheet of attendees because not everyone can make the whole night and I don't want to leave anybody behind. I researched venues, made reservations, organised discounts, sent invitations, pinged people with reminders, answered questions, and prepared a map. On the night there are vendors to be paid, money to be collected, and change given out. This morning I packed a suitcase full of costumes, prizes, and treats. I hope it is enough. Maybe I should work on one more activity; I probably have time and it would make the party more fun.

Yes, it's an epic amount of preparation but it is all done with love and best wishes for the bride. But maybe next time, I'll plan the bachelor party instead.

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