Thredcotts? Northgolds?

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Tracey & Ashley were married on Sunday in one of the most joyous weddings ever seen.

It poured down rain in the morning, but by the time we reached the venue, the rain had stopped. The ceremony was lovely and the party afterward was a real treat - scrumptious dinner, toasts and speeches, a live swing band, a hoop performance (of course the bride hooped) and lots of dancing and wine.

I didn't take pictures at the wedding or the hen's night on Thursday nor the cocktail party on Friday, but there are some shots on their wedding website, Ashley and Tracey 2009, and plenty on Facebook. I am excited to see the official photos that Jim took and the video Aya shot; they were both working hard to capture everything.

Since the wedding, I have enjoyed touring around Tokyo with Ashley's family. I've tagged along on quite a few of their outings - Oedo Onsen Monogatari on Monday, Askausa and Ginza on Tuesday, down to seem MJ in Hiratsuka yesterday, and later today Jo & I are hooping in Hibiya park with Deanne. It's been a lot of fun to see everyone again and I hope I'll make it down to Adelaide for Tracey & Ashley's second wedding later this year.

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thank you Kristen for a wonderful time & for coming with us on some of our outings. Trust you are feeling better, & look forward to seeing you in Adelaide alittle later in the year. love K

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