No Shopping Report #6

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The last few weeks have been quiet on the shopping front, though the change in seasons has made me wish for things like new shoes, summery interior goods, and a juicer. Instead, I bought four books to give as gifts and some bento molds for a little pressie to MJ. The other day there was a fabric and thread purchase for stuff I will sell on Etsy. That's it for the non-consumables. Ultimately none of them stay here in the house.

The worst craving has been for fresh summer togs. But I have refrained. In lieu of new clothes, I spent a wad of cash on a service. Jeanette, the StyleSmart Sensei, came over for a wardrobe consultation. Before our session, I explained my dilemma: my wardrobe is uncoordinated and confused but I am not shopping this year. She said it would be no problem.

We spent several hours together while I tried on every piece of clothing I own - even the winter wardrobe I'd just put into storage. When she left, she took away about 20% of my clothes: all things boxy, ill-fitting, or an unflattering color. A few of my old favorites were in her bag and even some nice newer things, but I understood why. I really ought not wear pants that two people can fit into nor a jacket that is simply too large and the wrong color.

Of the remaining clothes, I need to alter 2/3 to fit me - mainly I'll be taking in shirts, reworking waistbands, and dying all the beige and white things to make them teal, pink, green, or red. So I have crafty homework to do - and I will have to work quickly or risk not having any clothes to wear after a couple of days. Next month, we will be going on a learning expedition to the stores to see what I might buy if I were shopping (and it will be very difficult not to buy anything, I know) and to a flea market to see the vintage dresses (and I will feel not too bad if my resolve fails there).

Jeanette really gave me good advice and suggestions. I am sure that I will follow through with some of them in six months' time when I am shopping again.

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