Hoop Boot Camp coming up

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Deanne at Hooplovers is running an online hoop boot camp in the month of August. I don't think it is going to be a drill sergeant style boot camp, exactly. It's a chance to set some specific and measurable goals in public, then spend 30 days making them happen and reporting in with the other participants. Every day, Deanne will send us e-mail with encouragement and inspirations (and some training exercises, too, I hear!)

Here are my goals:

  • get my weight back to 60 kg (summer makes me fat)
  • hoop daily for at least 30 minutes, even when it is too hot
  • improve my dancing balance with 20 minutes of balance movements daily
  • swim twice a week & do light weight training at least once a week
  • achieve a 90% success rate on foot-to-knee pop-ups
  • add three new (or remastered) step-in/step-out moves to my usual mix
  • develop a 3-4 minute routine and perform it without toppling over
  • in general, focus of footwork, strength and posture - videoing myself at the start and end of the boot camp to compare.

They seem reasonable goals, though deceptively difficult to acheive. Overall my control and precision could use refinement and better balance will be a big step in that direction. By the time Spin Matsuri comes, I will be a stronger hooper than I am now. Practice, practice, practice!

It's not too late to sign up. Go over to the Hooplovers Hangout and join the Hoop Boot Camp group. List your goals and get ready for a month of self-transformation.

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