Weekend Warrior, Hoop Style

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Me hooping in costume for World Hoop Day. (photo by Greg)

In the late 70s my parents, in an unusual show of judgmental speech, mocked the neighbors and friends who would overdo it with athletics on the weekends. "The weekend warriors are at it again," they'd say as we passed by any league game. Former football players turned desk jockeys, these middle aged guys would go to the playing field and give it their all. Afterward they found themselves cramped, injured and exhausted from too much enthusiasm for the game combined with too little fitness.

I think I might be a weekend warrior. Even though I hoop frequently even during the week, my body is complaining after two days of intense activity. My finger joints ache, my back is creaky and I am plum tuckered out. But I am so happy that our weekend was successful. Maybe that's how the Weekend Warriors of my childhood felt, too.

And a funny thing happened on my way to World Hoop Day yesterday. I was standing on the train with 11 hoops and a cart full of toys, popcorn and prizes when something dropped at my feet and hit my shoe. Did something fall off my costume? I looked down. It was a button - the sort of gold-toned shank button that goes on a coat - embossed with an anchor design. Nobody on the train was wearing or carrying anything that looked like it might have lost such a button so I decided it was a magical gift from my father, who would have been 72 yesterday. I think Dad would have enjoyed World Hoop Day, if not for the hooping, then for the enthusiastic smiles and huge fun that we all had. Plus, costumes, theatre and wholesome silliness. That was Dad's kind of thing. Apparently it's my kind of thing, too.

Of course, he would have mocked me for overdoing it weekend warrior style. I'll have to hoop more (lots of more) to get myself in top form to enjoy Spin Matsuri next month without any aches or pains.

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