Energy Tickles

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Yesterday my friend, Tom, came over to practice some energy work on me. She's a new theta healing practitioner with experience in other energy work. I was happy to be a test subject, even though I didn't think I really had anything in particular to heal. I am interested in the mysterious energy around us* and this was a good chance to explore another aspect of it.

To accomplish the healing, Tom put her brain into a theta wave state - as if in deep meditation or just before falling asleep. Then she moved her focus into my energy space and looked for the negative beliefs we'd discussed in advance, removed them and replaced them with a positive belief. I am a little doubtful about whether that belief clearing can work, but...

I felt her moving around in me.

We sat facing each other, my hands resting in hers, our eyes closed. As Tom did her thing, I tried to empty my mind by focusing on breathing and listening to the sounds around me. So I was hearing a bird whistle past when my attention was brought to the front of my head in the space between and above my eyes - the "third eye." I visualised it as a three dimensional object with color. And it was being poked a little, jiggled, sort of tickled. Neat. I smiled. Then it stopped and I just sat and breathed quietly until Tom pulled her hands back.

We were both pretty excited that I'd perceived this. So the second time she went in, we agreed that she could explore a little more and I'd explain what I felt afterward. This time, I felt her touch the third eye again, and at the same time, there was a sensation around my left ear. It felt like I'd been wearing too-tight glasses and just taken them off. A simultaneous constriction and buzzing, and it was a rusty orange-red, like light auburn hair. Oddly, when I was trying to explain it I couldn't point to the place where it was exactly. Above my ear, but in it and behind it, too.

The sensation continued there a little while but I also felt something moving down towards my heart. Again there was a feeling of constriction but also an opening, as if unlacing a corset and taking a deep breath. I had an awareness of shape and color as well. Tom's hands warmed at that point. I got distracted pondering something that she'd told me about, and it wasn't until I felt her in my feet that I focused on the energy sensations again. She tweaked my toe! My feet got all tingly. It made me smile.

Then she moved up to my thighs where I felt a weight like a heavy lap blanket on my muscles. It wasn't on my skin but sort of under it. The visual was much weaker on this part. Muffled.

A moment or two later, I could feel that she was back in my head. But this time, I saw something that looked a bit like a shadow passing repeatedly across my eyes, as if I were being fanned. It went on so long and was so visceral that I opened my eyes to see if there wasn't something in the room making shadows. There wasn't, so I closed my eyes again and the shadowy movement was still going on. After what seemed a few more minutes, I was becoming distressed so I imagined a big ball of white sparkly light in my head and then Tom let go of my hands.

Tom said that the did, indeed, move her focus up and down my body that time. And she saw something unusual in my head while I was experiencing the shadowy fanning. She saw shiny metal X shapes enclosed in circles. There were several of them and they moved. Neither of us could figure out what they were or might have symbolised.

And in the final session, Tom dropped into theta wave state and stayed outside of me to look around for energy in my vicinity. I could feel her sort of smoothing my head with a white liquid light, and then I didn't experience anything except to note her hands warming up.

All-in-all it was quite an interesting afternoon. Having the sensations and visuals of different energetic parts of me was sort of magical, like looking at medical scans of my body.

* I believe in this energy - it has different names in many spiritual, religious and philosophic schools of thought so I don't know what to call it - because I have experienced it myself. We all have, I think, when we've had a flash of insight or a gut feeling, maybe seen phantoms, heard a sound that nobody else hears, or felt drawn to a certain place or person.

Science hasn't proven it and energy manifestations could turn out to be caused by a cluster of neurons in the limbic system. Or maybe there truly are ethereal planes, souls in cycles of rebirth, or higher dimensional beings directing our lives. I'm willing to wait and see how it turns out. And in the meantime I'll develop my own mythology around the energy I have experienced personally.

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How awesome! I would love to have that sort of experience.

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