Hoop Triumph


You know when you set yourself a goal to master - or at least to get to a certain point - and no matter what you do, it eludes you? You might make some progress but the leap to actually calling it your own, having it in your repertoire seems impossible. Frustrating.

The three beat weave with hoops has been one of those goals. I learned to do the three beat weave with poi in a workshop in June last year. It took until today get get it with hoops. Now and forevermore, I will be able to do the move continously. It's gawky right now but it will smooth out and become refined with practice. The thing is that I can finally feel it!

Many thanks to Deanne, as always, who gave me just the right guidance and push on Friday. I didn't get it then, but 24 hours later...it worked! I was so excited when I saw the figure forming around me (there is a really beautiful double hoop wheel that the alternates on each side) that I spun it a few times to prove I could sustain the motion, then dropped the hoops and did the happy dance.

The kids smoking in the margins of the park were amused.


Oh yes, and the great thing about hooping has been constantly acquiring new tricks: wanting, trying, trying, plateauing, and finally getting it. Im at about the same point now with chest hooping, both with arms up (for the last few weeks) and with arms in (the last few days). Triumph indeed.

Im working on a travel hoop for my new adventures. Im thinking of a hoop cut into 3 or 4 sections with tight fitting joiners and filed-down edges, so that i can disassemble and assemble it as needed. It seems worthwhile as i will be away for weeks at a time and cant really take many distractions with me. I think i can make it work. Gonna give it a try this weekend and will blog (or flickr) the results.

good work Tink!

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