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Every day is special and there is always a reason to celebrate. And if you look at the Japanese website, Kinenbi, you'll know exactly what's being honored or feted.

Today is "Aperitif Day thanks to a campaign by the French agriculture ministry in 2004. "Happy Aperitif" is the catchphrase of warm June evenings.

Tomorrow, 6/4, is 蒸し料理の日 or Steamed Foods Day because the date sounds like mushi, the word for steaming. So steam some vegetables or fish for dinner to celebrate. It's also Cavity Prevention Day, because the word for cavity is mushiba.

Skipping ahead to Sunday, 6/6, we have an amusing conflict. It is Low-calorie Lifestyle Day" and at the same time is is also Roll Cake Day and Baby Cheese Day. If I had to choose, I'd pick the cake. Sunday is also 忙種, (boushu, a solar year observance to mark the forming of awns on grain.

So if you are looking for an excuse to enjoy your day a little oddly, check Kinenbi.

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