August Hooping Events

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Sunday, August 1: Inopoi @ Inokashira Park from 1:00 FREE
Saturday, August 7: Edogawa Hanabi Hoop Jam @ Iidabashi from 4:30. FREE
Wednesday, August 11: Circle (hawaiian edition) @ Yoyogi Park from 6:00. FREE
Thursday, August 12: Hoop Lounge @ Super Deluxe from 7:00 FREE
Sunday, August 22: 4th Sunday Spin @ Yoyogi Park from 12:30. FREE

Details are on Facebook on the “Hooping in Tokyo” page. Impromptu hoop jams are bound to spring up, so Like the page and get the updates. We're also on mixi!

Plus there are all the regular classes around town, including Deanne’s hoop classes at FAB Academy (and I'm teaching on the 6th and 20th), Ayumi’s classes at Hoop Tokyo.

Tickets for Spin Matsuri are now on sale and we have an amazing lineup of workshops this year: choreography, flow, poi, spiritual connections, gymnastics, dance, games - all suitable for any level of hooper.

On World Hoop Day on 10/10/10, hoopers around the planet will unite to dance together. This is the first section of our routine. Will you join in? Practice with friends, dance with joy, and video your performance on 10/10/10!

Check my YouTube channel for tutorials on these moves...and you can follow the developments over at to get the next section.

Music: Dynamite by Taio Cruz
World Hoop Day:

The Choreography for part 1:
8 counts: clap on even beat
8 counts: arms up, out, grab, up
4 counts: circus start
4 counts: cowgirl
8 counts: low lasso
4 counts: sparkle down
4 counts: sparkle up
4 counts: plane change front
4 counts: spin
8 counts: baseline pass
8 counts: isolations

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I love to dance and also love to do yoga at least 3 times a day per week. I think it's amazing what you're doing! I think it's great to make fitness fun; hopefully more people will join you in your free lessons ;)

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