Spinning Fire

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You may recall the first time I tried a fire hoop in November 2008, I fell over and banged myself up. I did a little better this weekend at the beach, when Roon Roon generously allowed me to spin with her fire hoop and air fire toys. Tod and I shot some video of the action and I edited together a little memory piece:

The fire adds an interesting complication to my hooping. Many of the tricks I do automatically and the way I transition between moves would catch me on fire. The rich experience of the sound and light in the fire hoop is overlaid with a constant stream of internal chatter: hey, no you can't do that outside break; watch your eyebrows now; will jumping through the hoop singe my legs; oh, hotter than I expected; whew, safe!

Should I make the effort to become proficient with a fire hoop? I think the obvious answer is yes. So now maybe I need to go play/practice with the fire people at Shinjuku Zatsugidan and buy myself some quick wicks from hoopdrum

1 Comment

wow - we HAVE to visit Japan to see this live!

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