Deanne and Masao's wedding weekend

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Congratulations, Deanne and Masao, on your wonderful weekend of celebrations.

The Kira Kira Circus at Inokashira Park brought together scores of well-wishers, including about 80% of my Japan-based friends. We costumed up in sparkly clothes and bright colors, gorged ourselves on popcorn, danced and hooped in the center ring, played with a parachute, had our bodies painted, kissed the bride at the kissing booth, and laughed the afternoon into an energetic frenzy. Sarah got some great photos of the circus picnic.

Sunday was the ceremony at FAB. The bride wore a simple outfit: white lace body stockings layered under a lace covered top and tap pants, with white boots, lace-encrusted spats and knee pad, a lace choker and a tall feather headpiece. An organdy over skirt with Polonaise draping and Japanese obi completed the ensemble. The entire outfit was covered in hundreds of clear Swarovski crystals applied by the bride herself. The groom wore a silver-grey suit with a mesh and lace shirt studded with crystals.

It was not a traditional wedding, by any stretch of the traditional imagination. The processional music was a live operatic version of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance by Akiko; the officiant was Guy, a professional vaudeville clown who performed magic, played a tune on the saw and kept the ceremony moving along with lots of laughs and help from his translation partner and beautiful assistant, Kana. The usual ring exchange was replaced by partner hooping. There was no veil to be lifted, but Kike dramatically removed the overskirt so that Deanne could hoop and dance. Later in the day, we enjoyed a burlesque fan dance by Cheery Typhoon and a dance number by Diana and Miki. And (of course) Deanne did a hoop performance, even though she did say it was her day off...

There were readings and speeches at the wedding - likely the most traditional part of the whole day - and every one of them was an original. We heard a welcome speech by Masao's father; two amazing poems from Jonathan and Melissa; the e-mail where Masao confided to his friend Maurice that he'd met a girl; a funny rant from Leila who couldn't make it.

I did a reading, too. Deanne and Masao are positive and fresh people but most wedding readings are stale and negative, so I wrote a piece that reflects things that they believe in. It also had to be something that I could recite without crying. This is it:

The marriage of two people reveals an unexpected third being. You are still your familiar, individual selves and you now are also part of Deanne-and-Masao.

Deanne-and-Masao is the sum of Deanne plus Masao. It is all the interactions that make up your life together. It is the energy that you create and the feelings that you have for each other.

Deanne-and-Masao is fluid. It ebbs and surges like the tides. It flows to meet love. It expands and changes shape as you grow.

Deanne-and-Masao exists in the present moment. It lives for here and now, and it accepts everything as it comes.

Deanne-and-Masao offers astonishing freedom. It gives you all the space you need for exploration. Anywhere you wander, Deanne-and-Masao always guides you back when you're ready.

Deanne-and-Masao is uplifted by love, compassion and caring. It draws on your generous spirits, and on the affection of friends, family and loved ones.

Along with everyone here today I wish both of you, and Deanne-and-Masao, a gorgeous, bountiful, and energized life together!

[P.S. Yes, online friend, you have my permission to read this at your wedding. If you want to give credit, I'm Kristen McQuillin.]

Tod shot a 45 minute video of the whole ceremony (strong, steady hands!), but technical difficulties are hounding us. I'll post it soon.

The weekend was so full of smiles and love that I'm a little sad it's over. But I am looking forward to the next huge event that we create together.

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Wow... I guess no facebook means missing major events. A wedding! Wow... <3

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