Hoop Camp Themes

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To the Water Stage

I took sixteen workshops during Hoop Camp. Each of them was an amazing experience and even though the topics were varied, I noticed several themes creeping through them. I want to write about these themes because they are powerful ideas that will give me new things to explore as we head into the reflective season of winter hooping.

Grounded Energy
Imagine the power of our planet coursing up from your feet through your legs and into the hoop. Hooping with grounded energy allows your body to move more freely and expressively since the hoop is turning itself through your feet.
Teachers who shared this: Baxter, Luna Breeze, Brecken, Becca, Ann

Fearless Flailing
What happens if you jump, reverse, spin, or drop the hoop in mid-trick? Could be something amazing. Experiment. Flail. Fail. Don't care who is watching. Have fun. Unlock. Figure out how to make your failures look pretty and consistent.
Teachers who shared this: Malcolm, Brecken, SaFire, David, Baxter

Sharp Contrast
Explore the extremes. Find opposites and use them. For every fast move, use a slow one. For every graceful move, add a sharp one. Contrasts create drama and excitement for the audience. Play with speed, rhythm, height, mood.
Teachers who shared this: Malcolm, David, Rich, Spiral, Stefan

Creating Character
Performing with the hoop is often more about creating a character than it is about tricks. Whether you are a seductive hoopstress or an angry clown, your character needs to shine bright and bold. Be brave and discover your character and how she interacts with the audience.
Teachers who shared this: Stefan, SaFire, Kit, Revolva

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