Remarkable Rain Storm

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When Tod crawled into bed last night at 1, he whispered to me, "It's raining." I woke up and listened for a minute before being soothed back to sleep by the sound. When I woke again, it was dawn-dark but the clock said 7:30. I slipped out of bed to the crashing sound of a major deluge. Wow, it was going off!

The air was so thick with rain that it looked like a tap had been turned on. A slanted curtain of water veiled even the nearest building. There was thunder and lightning, but no rumble of trains or any traffic noise.

Within the hour, the rain had eased to a stop, the sky sported patches of blue, birds chirped an all-clear to their companions.

Now the neighborhood maintenance men are surveying the floods. I hear the sounds of stiff bristled brooms and shopvacs. I hope they look up.


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Hi have just read all about your rain storm. We here is south aust have been having these fantastic rain storms coming in early evening and the rain has been pellting down. 34mls last night. It is summer here we are meant to be getting hot weather. Farmers are loosing crop value very fast.

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