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Travel. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

This year was not a carbon neutral year. We were in Australia in January; I popped over to the US for Hoop Camp in September; and then we jetted off to Eastern Europe for a December holiday. Most of 2010's Japan-based travel stayed relatively close to Tokyo: Utsunomiya four times, Shizuoka twice, and once each to Haruna, Honda, Jogashima, Manazuru, Jigokudani and various Shonan beaches.

For 2011, Australia is in the cards at least once - for a month in Jan/Feb. Our annual holiday isn't sussed, but it will be somewhere interesting, possibly a continent we haven't yet visited. I hope to attend Hoop Camp again. And I am sure we will have our usual smattering of weekend getaways in Japan.

I wish I could travel without leaving a carbon footprint. It will be impossible for me to to get down to the world's goal of 2 metric tons per person without sacrificing travel.

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Where is Hoop Camp next year? I could be interested...

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