Reverb #23, New Name

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New name. Let's meet again, for the first time. If you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?

That is a difficult question to answer. I already have a lot of names that I recognise as me, but don't fully identify with. My true name is still at large.

I'm Kristen to most people, Tink in the hooping community, and online you might know me as mediatinker, oaklid, or kuri. Growing up, I was known as Kris, or half of "the Hill sisters". I am Anti-Kris and Auntie Kristen. I've been Kip and Sarah Nell and Nellie Bly. I sign my letters with just a K. My sister used to call me Risten before she figured out how to pronounce |k|. Dad called me Pumpkin. Tod's got lots of names for me, from Sweetheart to Swooper.

So what would I want my new name to be?

Perhaps something lovely like a flower? Violet, Daisy, Rose, and Lily all have appeal.

But I'm tougher than a flower. Maybe a stone. Ruby, Jasper, Jade?

It might be nice to be named after a virtue: Charity, Faith, Hope. But those are not really me, are they?

I could go with a drag/porn name: Glitter Bubbles, Madame Asstronaut, or Lotta Spunk. RuPaul says my drag name should be Anita Mann.

What about something outlandish? I sort of like Zapatica Jones. Orangejello makes me smile.

And then again, I've always had a fondness for traditional names. Margaret can be morphed into so many amazing nicknames, as can Elizabeth. Even plain Jane is a pretty name.

But for today, let me introduce myself.

"Hi, I'm...."

Geeesh, I simply can't decide. Call me whatever you want. I'll probably answer.

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