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Yesterday I took a break from the computer almost all day and went out into the world for the first time since I caught my cold. Even though I was still coughing like a six pack a day smoker, I needed to breathe real air. And there were errands to run, so out I went. It was tiring but satisfying.

Apparently everyone else in the city wanted the same thing, because the trains were packed and the sidewalks busy. Outside Shinjuku station, I counted eight different groups soliciting donations for various earthquake relief projects. Each group stood in a line holding cardboard boxes or coffee cans with badly drawn signs, shouting out their appeals to the passersby. Most people ignored them, it seemed, but at one group an old man walked past and dropped a coin in every one of their seven boxes. There were a lot of smiles there.

Gratitude August 9, 10, & 11
My gratitude journal from 2009. A good practice in perspective.

Yesterday I also started a gratitude journal. While rooting around my papers the other day, I found the one I'd drawn in summer of 2009. It was a treat to be reminded of specific things I'd done that day. Every page was full of only nice things even on the days that weren't so good. I remembered how eye-opening it was to be able to flip perspective to find the good in situations. There is always something to be thankful for. This is a practice that I hope will support my days here and now.

Today I went to Justin's yoga class at FAB. It's only been two weeks since the last one and I've slipped a few asanas in here and there, but gosh, did I need a long stretch and some focused breathing. I walked away wishing that I could do another hour or two. Honestly, I think some of those poses unlocked my weird mental state so I can cry now. And then there was the pose I tumbled right out of, laughing as I rolled around like a dung beetle untangling myself. And then I felt so pleased when Justin praised me for my solid stance in another pose later on. (Pride not a good thing in a yoga class, but there you go. Ego wins again.)

Are you getting enough exercise? It's oh-so-easy to sit in front of a screen wrapped up in news and social networking for long periods without even realising it. So if you are reading this, consider taking a break to hoop or dance in the living room, or to run, do yoga or whatever you enjoy that gives your body a good sweat. You will feel so much better afterward.

Granola bars ready to be cut and packaged.

Today I also whipped up some granola bars to be delivered to a shelter in Sendai. It's not much, but I hope the people who receive them will enjoy a little treat made with lots of heartfelt compassion and maple syrup.

Tomorrow is 4th Sunday Spin at Yoyogi Park. We've got a lineup of donation activities. We're collecting cooking condiments for Peace Boat as I mentioned a couple of days ago. Also, Sareh is organising a flea market. Bring your unwanted stuff and let people buy it for a donation to the Peace Boat project. And there are plans afoot for other hoop community activities that we will discuss tomorrow in the park. And of course, we are hooping, too! So bring yourself and friends, a bottle of soy sauce, some old books or clothes, your hoop and some picnic yummies for a delightful afternoon. I'll be there from 12:30 - 4:30 in the usual place on the grass near the Harajuku gate.  see you!

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Great entry! I like how you take action on being positive. Life can give you so many negative blows and it is rare to see the person develop counter punches or blocks to those negative aspects. Shine on!

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