Circus Style Hoop Drills - the chimes

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Lots of people have checked out the Circus Style Hoop Drills videos; thank you all. I plan to make more of these this summer with some new moves and multiple hoops, too.

Once you've done the drills a few times and gotten the sequences down, you really don't need the video except to know when to change from one position to the next. and honestly, watching a video while hooping isn't always ideal.

So to make it easier to do the drills with any music player, I've created a few audio files. There is no music, simply a chime or gong to give you a cue. This allows you to set your own pace or create your own drill variations. You can even play the chiming track on top of whatever music you like.

30-60 Chimes: Starts with a single chime, followed in 30 seconds with a different chime, then at the 60 second mark the single chime again. Repeat for 15 minutes. You can use this to time either 30 second or 60 second drills. If you're only going to download one, this is the one you want. 30-60 Chimes.mp3 13.8MB

30 Second Gong: A rich, meditative, reverberating gong every 30 seconds reminds you to switch to the next drill. This file gives you ten and a half minutes of drill time. 30 Second Gong.mp3  9.7MB

1 Minute Gong: the same deep gong as above, but spaced 60 seconds apart. Duration is about 15 minutes. This might be helpful in your yoga practice, too. 1 Minute Gong 1.mp3  14.2 MB

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