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A few weeks back, a friend connected me to his agent for a specific hoop-related project (which hasn't come together yet) and now the agency has been contacting me about other jobs.

I've been in Tokyo for 13 years and have never once been to a modeling audition or even considered myself modelling material. But it does take all kinds, so why not? I agreed to do an audition, just because I could.

I met the agent and another women who was auditioning at the train station and we walked in the sweltering heat about 20 minutes to the venue. I noticed a strong reticence to do anything without the agent present  - including entering the building or following the client's instructions. Models were spoken to directly, but they all turned to their agent for permission to act on the information. It was odd.

Our agent, however, had to go get the next group of people, so he left us to fend for ourselves and told us we were free to leave when we were finished. Fine with me.

A few minutes passed in the waiting area. More people came in. Most of them knew each other, though they were from different agencies. I guess the Tokyo gaijin modeling population isn't that big. While I was there, there were two middle aged Russian ladies, a leggy blond teen in a huge hat, a tiny red dress and very high heels, and a trio of brown skinned men.

I was called upstairs into the audition room, where six client staff waited for me. I posed for the camera and jumped on cue, twice. I laughed because it was fun. The clients laughed. There was lots of "very good, very good" as they showed me the last still on the monitor. I was about to exit when someone asked me about my hoop (I was planning to practice in the park after the audition). So I unfurled it, spun it up, jumped through and enjoyed myself for about 20 seconds. On an agency harddrive somewhere, there are a few dorky photos of me hooping, I suspect.

I hold no expectations about getting this job, which would be a national ad campaign, but it was a fun new experience. I am glad that I did it, just because I could.

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