New Moon, New Month


Today is a new moon and the start of July. I am taking the advice of my friend Heather (and several religious practices) to set intentions and begin new projects now.

If you've followed along here for any length of time, you know I like To Do lists and usually my goal setting is quite specific, measurable, and I can tell when I have achieved a goal. I reach my goal and can cross it off my list. Done! This month the less practical side of me needs some focus so I have chosen goals that are vague and connected to emotion and awareness. These are not things I can finish and cross off my list but they seem more important to me right now.  So lighthearted, mindful, compassionate, and flexible are my touchstones for July.

I will try to remember to check back in two weeks, when the moon is full to see how I am going.


You may not remember me... I was your work study student at DU from 94-98... went on to become a Physician Assistant and now am back in higher ed. Began taking a course in Web 2.0 to incorporate into classroom... and I thought of looking you up. Just wanted to say what an inspiration you were to me and full of knowledge - about the computing world as well as the real world. Glad to see that you are finding fulfillment in japan.

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