Accidentally Topless


I brought tape but I forgot scissors so I couldn't cover my nipples with makeshift pasties as I put on my costume for Sadistic Circus last night. It didn't seem like a big issue; in rehearsals the snaps had been secure and I wasn't worried about a wardrobe malfunction but we learn to be careful for shows - taping and pinning things into place to ensure nothing goes wrong. The pasties were meant to be a precaution in a PVC costume that I couldn't add a safety pin to.  

A precaution that I ought to have taken, as it turned out.

Kana, Roon Roon, and I performed a 15 minute S&M styled hooping act at an adults-only event with sideshow circus acts and other fetish artists. We'd choreographed and rehearsed three numbers for the show. In the first one, Roon Roon did all the hooping while Kana and I tortured her with whips, tied her up and threw hoops on her. In the second song, Kana and I played with one huge hoop in a seductive girl-on-girl dance. And our third song was a more typical, high-energy Hooplovers LED performance. 

Topless hooping wasn't on the menu. And yet as I lifted my body from a crouched position to standing about 1/4 of the way through the second song, a snap popped open. My mind went into high gear as my body continued to perform.

"Did that just...? OK, yes, it's flapping around on my back. Cheat forward to the audience so they can't tell as much. Hey, hey, focus on counterbalancing Kana. OK, she's cool. Can I reach back and resnap it? I think not. If there's no way to do the snap, it has to come off. When? Um...ah! Just after I push Kana through my legs. That's,!" 

I yanked the halter top over my head in a smooth motion as I helped Kana through my legs and continued with the choreography topless in front of an audience of maybe 100 people. What else could I do? My next thought was "Oh, gosh I'm topless" - honestly, the consequence of taking off my top hadn't occurred to me yet -  followed by "I hope they are perky!" and "I hope I don't get arrested..."

Fortunately, I'm not a shy person and don't have a lot of body taboos. The official event photographer was eating it up and the stage manager gave me a big grin as we came offstage, so I figured I was safe from arrest.

Kana didn't even notice I was naked. It's funny how focussed you get on your own performance. When we got to the pair hooping bit of the song where we hooped front to back in various configurations in one hoop, I was pretty sure she'd feel the difference but it wasn't until later that she knew.

After the song ended, I had a 5 second window to put my top on. Got it snapped just in time to grab my LED hoop and make my entrance. The costume stayed on for the rest of the show.

I hope I'll get to see some of those official event photographs.


It really looked as if it was originally apart of the act and I would have never been the wiser.
Great blog! I found it when I did a search for Thai fisherman pants, sew. Not only was it exactly what I was looking for but it was posted by a fellow gaijin of the Tokyo area. Domo arigato!

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