Celebrating my Progress

A friend wrote on Facebook today, "Be reflective and notice what you've learned and what you've accomplished this year. Celebrate your progress!" I think that's a good idea. 

At first, I feel like I haven't really done very much this year. And then I start looking at some of the things I made notes about through the year. Gosh, I was busy! Here's what I have accomplished in 2011.
  1. Finally learned to juggle! This is what I am most proud of.
  2. Unlocked various yoga poses and strengthened my body.
  3. Attended circus training in Tasmania and was overwhelmingly inspired.
  4. Fell in love over and over with friends new and old...ah, love.
  5. Survived a scary earthquake and nuclear disaster.
  6. Wore a bikini in public and learned it isn't as embarrassing as I thought.
  7. Learned new communication techniques that make me a happier person and a better wife.
  8. Hosted out-of-town visitors, including our niece, Helen, and my dearest friends form Chicago.
  9. Reconnected face-to-face with friends and family. This is the most heart-warming experience of 2011.
  10. Flexibly changed major life plans several times without much trauma.
  11. Modelled in a national ad campaign and several other shoots.
  12. Did a lot of hoop-related activities:
    • Developed and taught four new workshops: Creating Original Tricks, Hoop Meditation, Finding Flow, & Z-Axis
    • Taught hoop dance in three countries
    • Produced the Japan Tricks Showcase, bringing together local hoopers for a charity video
    • Performed eight times, including once topless, once in a modern dance ensemble, and once with my sister.
    • Hosted 17 free hoop events ranging from 4th Sunday Spin to Hoop Hospital
    • Organised a week-long hoop retreat, Guru Guru Camp, on Niijima
    • Planned Tokyo's World Hoop Day event, which raised over 50,000 yen
    • Encouraged 317 hoopers globally to learn the WHD Dance
    • Collaborated with Ayumi to judge the Tokyo leg of Hooping.org's Amazing Hoop Race
    • Created a series of Circus Style Drills for Hoop Dancers videos
    • Launched Spin Matsuri Hoop Mixes, music for hoopers
    • Learned scads of new tricks and choreography
That's a lot more than I thought I did. Thanks, Joe, for encouraging me to reflect on the year.


A year packed with beauty and progress. It doesn't get better than that.

Kristen, Thanks. It's always inspirational to read your end of year entries and get your homemade card.

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