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We've just returned from a three night trip to Hiroshima-ken. 

Starting in one of my favorite towns in Japan, Onomichi, we walked hundreds of stairs, took in the sunset view from the hilltop, said hello to the ominous monkeys, noted the economic upturn of the shopping arcades, ate pizza, Onomichi ramen, and Thai food. On the second morning, we strolled the path of old temples and lingered over coffee while Tod had himself doctored at an acupuncture clinic. The poor dear put out his back trying to reach the controls on the heater in our room.

We headed westward in the afternoon to Hiroshima where we drank sake, ate okonimyaki, and walked the Dreamination illuminations. On the third morning, we visited the Peace Museum. The same tricycle that made me weep in 1999 did it again and I didn't even have to read the inscription this time. I remembered the story and the tears poured out.

That afternoon, we ferried over to Miyajima for a luxurious night of bathing and feasting, along with touring the famous shrine and the shopping streets. We spent our last day getting to the top of Mt. Misen, slowly for Tod and with the aid of a stick, before heading home on the Shinkansen. It was a good vacation-in-vacation with friends.

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