WHD Dance 2011

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It's done! It was a collaborative effort in 11 countries with 41 groups and 317 dancers performing for World Hoop Day on November 11. Such a thrill to see the project grow so big. 2010 saw 17 groups dancing. For 2012, I'd better pick a song that allows me to extend it easily.

Organising the WHD Dance project is one of the highlights of my year. From choosing the song, choreographing the dance, learning to teach it, encouraging people to play with it, doing the performances, collecting and editing the videos, this project brings me a lot of joy. 

I love how it challenges me to learn more about every aspect of hooping and performance, especially the behind-the-scenes bits. This year I learned how hard it is to count loudly while dancing. Five-six-gasp-eight. 

It strengthens my connections to the international hooping community, and gives us all a shared experience. It also brings me closer to my local hoop crew. There were many new hoopers in the Tokyo videos this year and I can't wait to hoop with them in the coming year.

Thank you to everyone who danced in this project. I am humbled and excited that you took part. Your enthusiasm and dedication are an inspiration. Let's do it again for 12/12/12!

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