Skilling Up and Making Connections

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Twenty twelve so far has been about engaging new connections and skills. There have been two main threads in the past six weeks.

Connection Thread #1: Skating & Hooping
Just before the new year, Tod and I went skating at a newly opened skate arena at Tokyo Dome. It was such fun that we made a standing date and we own multiple pairs of inline skates, having found an unbeatable bargain. One Friday afternoon I decided to skate without Tod and that is when I met the Yokosuka Sushi Rollers, a roller derby team from the US Naval base outside Tokyo. They invited me to perform a halftime hula-hoop show at their bout last weekend and that is where I met Steve, a ref who can juggle while skating and who invited me to participate in his school's "Multiple Intelligences" day in May. Here's a video that I made on Monday of me trying to skate and hula-hoop at the same time.

Connection Thread #2: Laughing & Playing
I took the plunge about a month ago and joined a weekly improv workshop. It's something I've had on my "want to try" list for more than a year.  Last night, I participated in my first improv performance. I was dreadful, but I learned a lot by getting up on stage and failing. I've met a lot of interesting people in the workshops and l made a connection to a musician and music teacher, Huw Lloyd, so now I am taking ukulele lessons. Both improv and ukulele are absolutely delightful, flexing areas of my brain that haven't been worked in a long time. Tod and I are playing music together, as much as my limited skills allow, and it is heartwarming to have a new connection in our old relationship. 


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You will never grow old. The brain is always seeking to make connections, and it's so wonderful when those connections happen. Excellent hooping and skating! My friend Shannon invited me to go skating when she comes home in March. Looking forward to it.

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