Tod's away and I seem to be alternating between crazy thoughts and productive actions. Today I combined the two to create some sketches of the crazy thoughts, personified.

This ratty goblin plagues me at night if I leave the closet open. He bites, gives me nightmares, and settles bad fashion sense on me while I sleep. He's only been with me for the past decade, but there have been scary things in the closet since I was ten or eleven.

These are the cancerous cells that I am sure lie in wait for me. They don't take up much of my time now, but once in a while when I am feeling unwell they swim around in my consciousness. Who knows when I met them? They aren't saying.

This little fucker gets in my way all the time, making me trip, stumble and flail. Thanks to her, I've no grace and I'm all scabby knees. She stopped me from pursuing movement arts for four decades. She's been in my life since I was three.

The dungeon master is powerful; some people call him "the Universe." He looks chill, but bears dangerous and malevolent gifts. He always gives me what I wish for, literally, and with any devious twists he can devise. I met him when I was a teenager playing RPGs. I hate him a lot so rarely make wishes.

This ogre whispers to me that none of the people I know actually like me - and certainly none of them love me. Friends only use me for whatever talents, skills, and resources I have. Sometimes they are deliberately and cruelly testing me to see how I react to challenges. I met this monster when my family moved and I started at a new school when I was nine.



Am totally impressed by these. Have you got some images of your better angels as well? Perhaps we can set up a battle between the goodies and the baddies, toast some pop-corn and watch the show.

I need to really better identify my gremlins that hold me back so I can kick them in the shins when they try to stand in my way.

p.s. I am one friend that really loves you. I try to give you some stuff you need but my skills are so meagre compared to yours.

I too love these guys! I have a wardrobe gremlin and mutant cells, but my least favourite troll is the one that discourages me from going out and being with people, who says I wont have a good time, wont know anyone, will look like a fool, dont have the energy.... That's the one that really gets me.

Hey beautiful !!

you have some mad drawing skills ! you always amaze me ...

i like the wish genie ... he is kinda hot ;)

and its funny what you say about friends ... when i was younger i used to think that alot, that everyone was being paid to be my friend ... now i think it once every 2 years and i laugh about it ... it may be true ? but who cares !

lots of lovin

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