WHD Dance Workshop Tour

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From September 25 to November 21, I'll be out in the world spreading this year's World Hoop Day dance choreography at workshops in the US, Europe and Australia.

It's an epic journey and standing at the brink of it now, I can't believe I'm doing it. 12 cities, 19 flights, 4 trains, 5 hotels, 2 campsites, 5 homestays, and a couple of nights without a plan. One small bag, a hula hoop and a ukulele. 

I'll see family and dear friends along the way and make new friends and connections in the hooping world. I am excited to share what I know, to teach the dance, and equally excited to learn. I will bring back lots of new ideas for Japan's hoop community.


Want to attend one of the workshops? Check out the tour page on Facebook. You can find out more about the project on Spin Matsuri, and watch a bunch of video tutorials and dance training materials. And please take a moment to learn about World Hoop Day, the celebration/charity for whom I am dedicating this time and effort.


And the song I've been posting about over the last few months? It's done! You can download Turning Around for free on Soundcloud.

I have so many people to thank for making this year's WHD Dance and the tour happen. First and biggest thanks go to Tod, who supports everything I do and is my lifetime executive producer. The music would not exists without Huw Lloyd, Rob Moreno, Jesse Koester, & Swinky. The choreography tutorial videos feature Kana Mikori, Ayumi Mitake, and Bekah Boehm. I had additional dance sessions with Minako Wada, Manami Asai, and various people at Spin Matsuri events who let me teach them the dance before it was quite finished. And in two weeks, I'll start saying thank you in person to all of the people who are hosting me and the workshop: Heather from Hoopcamp, Coelti, Saladora, Amanda, Sarah, Tomomi, Jo, Anna, Kat, Jewelz & Lisa at Hoopy Happenings, Ace & Jojo, and MJ. And a shout out to my travel agent, Juri, who somehow made this itinerary work.

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