Smiling through life

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Holy wow, am I happy. I am in one of those phases where everything is good and small troubles are simply opportunities.

I think this is because I am traveling. I groove on seeing new things, broadening my horizons, meeting people, moving through the world. Dorothy Gale wasn't completely wrong when she said you don't have to leave home to find happiness, but I say give me Oz once in a while.

In the past two weeks, I've been camping, slept on guest beds and napped in airplanes. I've eaten vegan feasts, homegrown vegetables, and a whole lobster. I have shared my knowledge, learned new things, offered and accepted help. And best of all, I have hugged relatives, strangers and a slew of old and new friends.

Tonight I teach my last WHD Dance workshop in the US and I get to spend a few days recharging (doing laundry!) with my family outside Philadelphia. Then on to Europe where I will connect with Tod and teach a bunch more workshops.

Hooray for being on the road!

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