Doing Without Report #2

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I missed writing the June report on my ongoing experiment in non-consumption, so this one will do double duty. I feel I failed overall. I bought a few things and I haven't gotten rid of nearly as much stuff as I wished to, but I have been mostly mindful. I will work harder at it this coming month.

  • Gave away over a dozen hoops at 4th Sunday Spin
  • Donated ten hoops to charity, using up my pipe supply & lots of tape
  • Pared down my shoes by almost half.
  • Planted a delicious garden of herbs, tomatoes and newly flowering chili peppers. 
  • Used some old hair dye. Interesting color results.
  • Replaced two ratty old pj tshirts with lovely nightgowns
  • Chucked out some seasonal clothes that had seen too many summers
  • Cleaned up some of my digital archives
  • Broke some drinking glasses; didn't replace them.
  • Created a "fairy garden" with pretty things I had on hand

  • A summer blouse and a summer dress. I haven't discarded anything yet - but I will.
  • A long sleeved black shrug from Inga
  • LED mini hoops.This was a work-trade barter from a hoop friend, so it's actually partially on target.
  • Buugeng. Bought them from Dai Zaobab while he was in town. A flow toy I have wanted to play with for years, stuff.
  • A pair of character shoes and some performance costume pieces. But earned money with them.
  • The remnants of Inga's travel detritus before she left Japan: a spoon, chopsticks, a rug, a veg peeler, sunscreen. They remind me of her visit, so they are sort of nice
  • A pair of orange pillows for the Tibetan bells to rest upon.
  • Make a concerted effort to archive digital projects neatly and back them up
  • Reduce my coats and bags
  • Sort through my jewellery and accessories for a give away
  • Drink my way through the liquor cabinet (just kidding, but there are some weird, crusty old bottles in there that need to go)
  • Change how I use Facebook to reduce mental clutter (more on that soon)
  • Drag the things down to the trash that are waiting in the pantry for action
  • Sort through my books and give lots away

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