Ice Cream Fruit Pie

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recipe-thursday.jpgSummer is full of fresh fruits at the peak of their juiciness. Peaches, plums, melons, and berries of all kinds fill the produce section. Irresistible and so delicious. But after a few weeks, fruit salads and smoothies wear thin. It's too hot to bake. What to do?

Make an ice cream pie with fresh fruit! You'll create a base with a graham cracker crust and vanilla ice cream. Keep it in the freezer and then top it with any variety of fruit you like and you'll have a cool, sweet dessert in five minutes. Creative and simple, my favorite sort of food.

Since it's just me and Tod here, we enjoyed the pie base four times over the course of a week or so. And since it was mostly fruit, it seemed like a relatively healthy indulgence.

By switching out the fruit and toppings, every serving was different. For dessert I fancied up the pie with extra toppings - whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate. I even served it as part of weekend brunch by piling on the fresh fruit, then sprinkling it with dried fruits and nuts. Ice cream granola pie, anyone?

Ice Cream Fruit Pie
8 servings

1 graham cracker crust or 8 graham cracker tarts
400ml ice cream (vanilla, or whatever flavor you like with fruit)
chopped nuts, chocolate chips (optional)

You can make your own crust or use a store bought one. Homemade always tastes better, but my ice cream pie was inspired by seeing a Keebler crust in my Tokyo supermarket.

Allow the ice cream to thaw until it is spreadable, but not soupy. It goes a little faster if you stir as it thaws. Gently spread it in the pie crust. The ice cream layer will be about 2 cm (1") think. Not too much, you want room for fruit. Optionally sprinkle the ice cream with chopped nuts or chocolate chips. These add flavor and texture.

Cover the pie and freeze it for several hours. It will keep, covered for at least a week. 

When you are ready to serve your ice cream fruit pie, take it out of the freezer and allow it to thaw a bit while you prepare the fruit. Slice into the pie and lift the cuts onto serving plates. Return the pie to the freezer, then top your slices with fruit and whatever toppings you like.

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