Updating and Fixing the Blog

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So many months of neglect while I Facebooked my life has left poor old Mediatinker creaky and broken. Commenting only seems to work for the spammers. The server is sloooooow; the version of Movable Type is ancient. There are no social media hooks. The design is unavoidably retro. It is time to upgrade and fix Mediatinker. Please pardon my dust as things progress toward a nicer looking and better working site over the next few months.

And lack of content? Shameful! I didn't post anything at all in March - the first time I have ever gone a whole month without saying something here. Fortunately for me, I was able to archive and download my stuff from Facebook, so I intend to backfill the past two or three years with the things I want to remember. This blog is as much for my personal memory as it is for sharing with the outside world. So all those hairstyle photos from FB will be making an appearance here. Maybe not, but you get what I mean.

I think the backdated posts will show up in your newsreader, so if you are subscribed I apologise for any reruns you might see from the days of your on FB.

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