Hoopiversary #5

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It was five years ago today that I started hooping. What a life changing experience. Except, really, it isn't. I am still me but I dance more. I have always been drawn to creating projects, organising events, choreographing performances. Now I have a great excuse to do all of that - the hoop. Hooping still bring me challenges, opens doors, and gets me out into the world to meet people and have adventures.

Sometimes I feel that I haven't improved much after my first year of hooping. I learned a ton then with the influence of weekly classes and hooping friends who encouraged me to try hard. Since then, my skills have increased slowly and I never feel that I've mastered anything. Watching the emergent hoopers, who are so dedicated to artistry and technicality, makes me feel sloppy and lazy. But I am what I am and I love hooping no matter how I may compare to others.

To remind myself of the changes and advances I've made, I am sharing a retrospective of my hooping.

2008: This is a video I took one week after my first hoop class with Deanne.

2009: Here is one I made for a HoopCity contest in June.

2010: Enjoying some evening hooping in August.

2011: On a summer visit to the US, I got to perform with my sister.

2012: I captured this silent video in a practice session in September.

2013: And today I went to the beach to celebrate and commemorate.

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