In A Band

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After 20 months of study, practice, and carrying my ukulele with me on trips around the world, I've joined a band. 

Maybe it's no surprise that the band is me and Tod. Ukulele and melodica with me doing some singing.

I am so happy to make "a joyful noise" with Tod. A shared creative pursuit is a treasure. We have really different approaches to music but somehow we make it work. Admittedly, we sometimes disagree and things get discordant, but with luck, love, and patience, this band will not break up.

Our bandleader isn't in the band. He's our teacher, Huw, and gives great advice on arrangements, song choices, and even costumes. When in doubt, we ask Huw and he always has a good suggestion based on his years of performance experience. Our official band photographer is Rob, who took the photo above with his cool fisheye lens one Sunday afternoon at Yoyogi Park.

Currently, our joint repertoire is about 10 songs. It's rather eclectic, so we don't take requests unless you want to hear Blue Skies, All of Me, or Summertime. In which case, please ask! Tips can be left in the ukulele case. ;-)

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