Jo and Andy!

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I love visitors and especially when they are Jo and Andy. I was their houseguest in Brighton when I toured with the WHD Dance in 2012, so I jumped for joy when they said they were coming to Tokyo. They are simultaneously outgoing, chill, and adventurous which makes them delightful to hang out with and the sort of friends you know you'll always have fun with, even if time and space separate you for long stretches.

WS Day lunch with Jo

Jo taught a terrific hoop workshop for Spin Matsuri on escalators and butterfly hinges and a bunch of us lunched together that day. Andy seems skeptical that 11 people would fit in our living room, but there we are, cosy around the table. I was standing on the sofa to take that photo.


On their last night, we went to see Kaguwa, a cabaret show in Roppongi. Jo was called to stage to catch a tissue falling from the heavens. Harder than it sounds since she had to use chopsticks. We got to have a photo with the cast after the show. 

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