Snow Day

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I am delighted by today's snowfall. It's been drifting down since morning and about 20 cm have accumulated. This is the most snow I have ever seen in Tokyo.

The city is quiet. We took a walk in the afternoon, and families were in the parks throwing snowballs, building yuki-daruma, and making kamakura snow houses. I made a snow rabbit. 

In our neighborhood and along Kasuga Dori, very few vehicles were on the roads, almost all with chains. The postmen and newspaper delivery gents were out doing their best on their motorbikes. Shops were closing early.  Trains are delayed. Pizza delivery is suspended today. It's spectacular and memorable.

The temperature has been below freezing all day, but it's going to reach 10C tomorrow, so most of the snow will disappear. I'm glad we went out to play.

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