Memories of Dad at Anam Cara

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This is Dad's window at Anam Cara, a writer's retreat in West Cork, Ireland. I waited until our last day there to go into the room to look at it. It casts a beautiful rainbow on the bathroom wall. The design of palm trees and pampas grass echoes the plantings in the front of the house. I remember seeing his cartoon for the design and hearing about how he crated the finished piece for shipping.

I didn't know, but Sue told me, that he'd shipped some of his glass and materials there to be used on a project he was planning to create on site. Anam Cara has a lot of windows. I am sure it would have been beautiful.

The smaller piece in the lower right of the collage above is a family crest that Sue's children designed and Dad created for her kitchen. The photo doesn't show the details of the glass painting in each triangle, but it definitely has the feel of my father's art.

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