Girl in the Pines

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Tod has a nose for scent. He always has. He stops to smell flowers, he lights incense, and he lately collects and wears perfume. He has a lot of bottles now and seeks out the best and more rare items. It is one area in his life where he indulges himself. He makes almost every scent light up when he wears it and there are a few favorites I find irresistible on him. He loves them and they love him right back.

Me and scent, though, have a different relationship. Despite sampling dozens of perfumes and owning a few over the decades, I've never found a scent I enjoy on myself. I get excited about them in the bottle but when I put them on..not that great. Too powdery or too floral or simply wrong. Maybe my skin oils are not conducive to scent. It's been disappointing.

But a week ago I tried one of Tod's recent purchases. Serge Lutens' Fille en aiguilles is exactly perfect for me. It's all pine needles and ginger and pencil shavings. There is a hint of live wintergreen with a sweet spicy clove. It is the only perfume I've ever put on that made me smile when I caught a whiff of it. Sometimes I even refresh it at the end of the day. This one is mine until I use it up. (Sorry, darling.)

Next time you see me in person, make sure you sniff deeply. I won't mind at all. I smell nice.

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