At the Kid's Table

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Lucy and her mandala with Lily in the background. A selection of our drawings.

Tod & I went to an oden party yesterday evening hosted by Elizabeth and Atsunori. Their apartment was filled with food and families. After chatting with the parents for a while, my introverted self decided to go color with the kids. It was about 3 minutes before I had an audience (with lots of questions!) and before long we were all drawing together. Lucy was especially interested in drawing mandalas with me. Lily and I did some shading work. Luka played with stripes and Malika enthusiastically scribbled along with us. Only Elia, in the pink princess dress, opted not to draw. She prefers videos.

A bit later, when the ice cream was finished, we did some circus games together. Tod helped me to demonstrate flying and basing and we did some acrobatics including building pyramids with Tod and one of the dads, Paul, as the solid bases. They kids absolutely loved flying on my feet. I even flew Atsunori! We played soundball, silent statues, log rolling, and the unknotting game. Amazingly, we didn't kick any holes in the shoji or fusama and nobody cried, except at the end when we had to stop to go home.

Best party ever. I really do better playing with the kids than talking with the grown ups.

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