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As I go about simplifying and minimising my life, I've been reading about personal uniforms  - the efficiency of not having to think about what to wear. New day, same look. Steve Jobs and his mock turtleneck and jeans is a good example. 

I had a uniform for a while: leggings, short skirt and tank tops. It was a very hoopable outfit that I could also wear around Tokyo without embarrassment. But it's not me anymore. I don't hoop all the time; I'm aging and my body's changing. I would like something that allows for movement, but is also modest and if not age appropriate, at least a bit more forgiving of softer curves.

Having been in India recently (and expecting to go again), I am thinking something like soft pants and a long tunic. But not a traditional salwar kameez, because that is too specifically Indian and I am definitely not going to pull it off outside India. It would be like wearing a kimono in Thailand. Awkward cultural appropriation.

So I need a design. Time for some fashion sketching!

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