Unexpected body work

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Yesterday in Yoyogi Park I was hula hooping while waiting for a friend when an older man holding some attractive red tasselled ropes walked over to watch. He looked interested, so I stopped and offered him a hoop, "Wanna try?"  

He shook his head and pointed at his back. "Oh, but it can be very healthy for your back, actually," I said. At which point he shook his head again and indicated my lower back. Did a little dance with his hands. He didn't really speak much, but I got the idea.

Funny that he noticed. I put my lower back out in November and it's still recovering. I haven't been hooping much as a result and it is awkward when I do. I feel lopsided.

He nodded at me, indicating that I should turn around. I did. He proceeded to lay hands on me and FIX MY BACK. 

Thank you, sir. The gentle poking and bzzzt noises you made worked a miracle. When you did it, there was no special sensation and I figured it was harmless but pointless. It hurt like hell a few hours later as I was going to bed, but today I have full range of motion for the first time in months. I have no idea what you did, but I hope you walk by next time I'm broken.

Tokyo is a funny place. You've got to be open and trusting. Good things just happen.

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