Learnings: 10 Weeks in India

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"Learnings" is something Rob & Tod & I do every year after camp. We make notes about what worked and what didn't. So here are some learnings that I can refer to for next time I go on a long journey.

  • t-shirts are universally acceptable but they take forever to dry
  • four pairs of underwear is plenty; three bras better than two
  • clothes and personal stuff will all fit into a 34L backpack with room to spare
  • pack as little clothing as possible; more will find its way to you
  • juggling balls are easy to make on the go with rice and balloons
  • give away your toys as generously as possible
  • bring the ukulele, somehow
  • teach everywhere - hoop classes are popular
  • a show costume or accessories will get used
  • an ear spoon is more practical to carry than a bunch of q-tips
  • ditto for bringing a comb instead of a brush
  • separate the wet and the dry toiletries
  • menstrual cup works pretty well in India but bring tampons, too
  • we consumed ~4 bars of soap and three small tubes of toothpaste in 10 weeks
  • salt in India is not iodised, so no need to bring salt for neti
  • coconut oil is good for everything and 50 ml lasted the whole trip this time
  • bring something to ease itchy mossie bites, neither tea tree nor turmeric work
  • Macbook Pro is big and heavy; invest in a travel friendly computer next time
  • a Kindle is probably a wise addition
  • consider a smart phone - everyone relies on them and it puts us at a disadvantage
  • yes to A4 notebook and a couple of Sharpies
  • don't forget scissors
  • repeat-ties tame backpack straps for airline transport
  • stretchy cover for the backpack helped to contain the hoops and instruments for transport
  • headlamps are useful for power cuts as well as camping
  • chappals (flipflops) are indispensable footwear
  • a reusable water bottle is smart
  • u-shaped neck pillows are daggy but practical
  • ziplock bags are treasures

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