Realise 2016

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My guiding theme for 2016 will be Realise.

Realise is a good one because it can mean so many beautiful and useful things: imagine, understand, make real, profit. 

Here are my guiding words and themes for previous years:
2010, connect:

After seven years doing this annual project, I'm noticing a trend here. Looking back with hindsight, the guiding words don't match up well with the year I choose them. They are often a couple of years behind: I moved more in 2015 than in 2013; 2013 was a lot of relating with and after the circus; 2012 was definitely a connecting year as I went on a world tour. Maybe my subconscious is slow on the uptake. I don't know but I will continue to choose words and let them percolate or whatever they need to do before turning up in full force. 

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